A family tradition

Romeo S.r.l. was established by Paolo Romeo, the third generation of a family that established its roots and tradition in this industry through Giuseppe Romeo, Paolo's grandfather, in the early 1930s.

Giuseppe opened his workshop in 1935, beginning to produce Romeo's candied fruits and establishing himself in a growing industry, thanks to his skill and professionalism; already established companies such as Alemagna, continually request collaborations with Giuseppe, who has now become a point of reference in the candying world.

This great moral legacy and tradition, is transferred to Adalberto, Giuseppe's son and Paolo's father, who thanks to his talent continues to maintain quality at high standards, supplying the most renowned pastry shops with their candied fruits.
The Romeo family's craftsmanship and mastery, joined with modern instrumentation thanks to Paolo, who in 1985 began to take his first steps in the world of candying.

His young age, tenacity, passion, and boundless expertise allow the company to take another step forward in quality, introducing new products into the processes, such as candying vegetables, exotic fruits, and chestnuts.

Today, the company, in order to meet the needs of the market and the many demands, has juxtaposed the traditional plant with a modern plant for vacuum candying, realizing large-scale artisanal production without, however, sacrificing the quality that has distinguished us all these years, always producing products to a high standard, just like Grandpa Giuseppe's products of yesteryear.

Our technique

We buy only Italian fruit from selected farms throughout Italy with whom we have developed a relationship of trust. The fruit must be at the right point of ripeness so that aromas and scents are expressed to their fullest.